Experience and Professionalism You Can Trust

What makes me different from all the other “Safety Consultants”?

First and foremost, I’ve worked as a Plant Manager in a manufacturing facility and fully understand profitability.  Your safety record is inconsequential unless you’re profitable! Promoting the safety in my community is not hobby, it’s a passion that I display through teaching and training.  I demonstrate this in every class I teach.  I will review each safety related line item your organization has for training, first aid supplies, etc., through the “eyes of a retired OSHA professional”.  I’m confident that I can cut your costs by determining areas where you are overspending for unnecessary safety training & items.

I believe that safety begins on the floor, where the tire meets the pavement.  While management has the responsibility to provide the resources for safety like proper training, PPE, etc., I feel the safety culture of the facility is forged from the folks who are on the front lines of our organizations.  Much of their time is spent away from management’s watchful eye, so we must reinforce positive behaviors that produce safe results.  Their commitment will guarantee your safety incidents and worker’s comp costs will decrease and fade away.  It’s a profitable and a beautiful thing.

My service commitment to you is second to none. I will be your Safety Director on call, without the burden and costs of a full time employee.  I’ll be your Safety Consultant in the event of OSHA visits, Informal Conferences and Contestment Hearings.  


Cohen Elgin